Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Information from the manufacturer:
The secret of instant radiance. Beauty Flash Balm is ideal for a quick "pick-me-up" before an evening out or whenever you want to erase signs of fatigue. Ideal for all skin types any time of day. Ingredients : - Algae extracts - Olive - Rice - Witch hazel (Anti-free radical, Astringent, Protects). Method of Use:  As a regular or pick-me-up beauty treatment.

Our reviewer's experience:
I had been working a lot of late nights when I was introduced to this product.  I know Clarins very well and always had it in my mind as a good, serious, but rather pricey brand; so when I had a special night out where I needed to look 'radiant' I hoped that this beauty flash balm would do the job.  And I was not disappointed!

I used it as a treatment every other day for a week before the big event, applying a thick layer over my face.  I waited for about fifteen minutes and then removed it with cotton wool.  The day of the event, I applied it before my make up and I truly looked good.  Make up stayed all night and a couple of people mentioned how good I looked!

This product really does what it says on the box.  And it is perfect for the forty-something woman skin.  I talked to a beauty adviser about it, and she mentioned that she would not recommend it for younger skins, they simply don't need it.

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