Lancome Adaptive Skin Balancing Makeup SPF10Information from the manufacturer:
Achieve the perfect balance for combination skin. The innovative ADAPTI-LAST complex matifies the T-zone all day long, while keeping the dry zones smooth and comfortable. Pores virtually disappear. The ultra-light formula glides on silky smooth to deliver flawless, natural-looking coverage. RESULT: Impeccably even-toned, beautifully balanced skin. All day.

Our reviewer's experience:
I found Lancome Adaptive to be a medium coverage foundation and quite natural looking. It is not a very thick foundation, rather, it is light in consistency so it is great for a forty-something woman's skin that is starting to show some fine lines.

I really felt that I was not wearing much foundation, it applies smoothly to the skin and blends easily. The colour doesn't change as the hours pass which is great, and it was easy to find a tone that would match my skin - something I usually have difficulties with.

I wouldn't recommend it for very oily skins, but mainly for normal to combination skins and I've realised that a little amount goes a long way! It is a bit pricey, but definitely worth the investment.

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