Information from the manufacturer:
This product is a breakthrough, lightweight moisturiser, combining the latest in scientific research and advanced technology that will change the face of skincare, now in an oil-free formula. The Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex removes harmful impurities left on the skin by tap water and increases the penetration of active ingredients. Heavy metals such as Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Lead and Zinc are neutralised and pulled off the surface of the skin reducing irritation and dryness. Used internally for decades, Dr. Gross is the first to use a topical application-the proprietary technology of the Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex.

Our reviewer's experience:
This product was highly recommended to me as I have always suffered from very oily skin and acne, even though I am already well into my forties. It absorbs well, made my skin smooth and it helped decrease breakouts and irritations considerably during the time I tested it.  But, the scent is rather strong, and I have an accute sense of smell, so that's where it lost one star on the rating.
I love the fact that this is natural product because it shows: it felt very light and as if my skin was being detoxified.  I used it twice a day and my makeup looked absolutely great after I applied it every morning on top of it.

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