Phytomer Bodydeclic Unique Anti Cellulite Cream 150mlInformation from the manufacturer:
A scientific first and a true cosmetic revolution. Phytomer research has mastered the exceptional power of a new marine ingredient: Algicelite. Concentrated at the heart of a twice patented, penetrating emulsion, this unique ingredient has three complimentary effects:

- Reduces the appearance of excess weight
- Reduces the appearance of fat reoccurrence
- Helps diminish the appearance of cellulite

Our reviewer's experience:

I am about to turn 40 and have suffered from cellulite ever since I was a teenager.  Hence I have tried pretty much every anti-cellulite product available in the market.  I love Phytomer as a brand I found out about when I first went to a spa many years ago, so I was almost certain that this would be a good experience.

The product claims that it helps reduce the appearance of excess weight and fat reoccurrence.  I am not overweight at the moment, but my thighs are very big compared to the rest of my body and this excess mass did not really disappear after using the product.

It also claims diminishing the appearance of cellulite.  I have to say that it did not disappear completely, but my skin felt much smoother and not so orange-peel like, it definitely looked much better!  I used it for less than the 28 days recommended, so I expect results to be even more impressive with a longer treatment.

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