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Whether you've diligently cared for your skin all along or have ignored it until now, Striking Skin Care with SmartPeptides can help nurture, protect and revitalize your complexion. This simple yet effective group of products is the result of years of scientific research in developing peptides so precise they target anti-aging concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and signs of hormonal aging.

Our reviewer's experience:

I tested the four products from the Striking Skin Care System for a period of almost two weeks and followed the directions of use provided by washing my face every morning and evening with the Striking Multi-Vitamin Cleanser.

I then continued to apply the Striking Multi-Peptide Serum and finished with the Striking Rejuvenating Eye Cream and the Striking Restorative Moisture Cream.

My first thought when I saw the products was that their packaging is not exactly striking. The containers are made of white plastic with very simple labels. Not dire, but considering their price you would probably expect something fancier.

My skin is rather dry and I suffer from environmental allergies which can affect my face, so I need to be careful not to use products that make this condition worse. Also, I live in a very humid and hot place, which is good for my skin, but also makes it imperative that I use products with sunscreen all year round.

What I really loved about all four products is that they have no odor, they have a great texture and absorb wonderfully well. They did not leave my face feeling oily or crumbly.

The system is designed to be followed in four steps, and to be applied day and night. I am not really into investing so much time looking after my face, so I usually prefer more practical products, but in this case I think that following the four-step process is really worth it.

The products have been developed to treat the skin of menopausal women who are experiencing hormonal changes, and although I have not reached menopause yet, they did wonders on my two key problem areas: hydrating my skin and fighting crow's feet.

In the weeks that I used them, I noticed an improvement on the firmness of my skin, and the area around my eyes is in superb condition.

My least favorite of the four products was the cleansing cream, which is the first step of the system. I like removing make-up from my eyes and face with the same product, and since the cleansing cream is not for the eyes, I was forced to use two different products to complete the task. Therefore, at some point I started using the cleansing cream only at night and, probably due to this, the skin on my cheeks felt a little "tense." But I am sure that the product would be absolutely perfect for women with skin that is not as dry as mine.

The serum is very refreshing, feels great, is easily absorbed and does not need much quantity to do its job.

The eye cream was my favorite, and I used it generously. It did wonders on my delicate skin and also helped minimize puffiness and dark circles.

The face and neck cream is a great moisturizer, did not leave my skin feeling oily and allowed me to apply makeup with ease. The only drawback is that it does not contain sunscreen, so I had to apply one separately.

I definitely recommend these products to all women over forty. The SmartPeptides in them certainly do a great job on the skin of women our age.

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