Information from the manufacturer:

This Works is an award-winning natural bath, body & skincare line from ex VOGUE Beauty Director, Kathy Phillips. This Works is serious about Aromatherapy. No compromises are made in choice or cost of essential oils. Turbo Balm is a nourishing blend of Tahitian Manoi, Cocoa Butter, Rose and Coconut that's hydrating, soothing and deeply moisturising. Ideal for dry heels, elbows, lips, cuticles or anywhere where skin feels dry and rough. Turbo balm contains no mineral oil or preservatives. Benefits: keeps skin soft and moisturised, ideal for any dry patches, contains no mineral oil or preservatives.

Our reviewer's experience:
I fell in love with this range of products as soon as I saw their packaging, but not being a marketing review, I went straight ahead to test their balm.  I always have a balm in my handbag, mainly because, as many forty-somethings, I suffer from very dry skin and cracked lips, especially when I travel to dry or very cold places.

This Works balm, does work!  It kept my lips really smooth and, although I felt that the claim of a being a 'do it all' balm was a bit too much, I gave it a try it on my dry elbows with good success. 

It has a pleasant smell, the ideal size to carry with you, a light texture, and is 100% natural.  What else can you ask for?

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5 stars rating