natural tips for a younger-looking you

While going under the knife is a sure way to make you look younger, plastic surgery is certainly not the only way that you can achieve a younger look. 

Simple and natural changes to your lifestyle, such as enough sleep, a healthy diet, and a regular exercise regime can make wonders to the way forty-something women feel and look.

1. Get your Beauty Sleep: While you are dreaming away, your cells go through a repair process in which a hormone called melatonin is released. This hormone works as your personalized skincare product as it has great effects on your skin.  Therefore, if you start getting a good night sleep every night you will notice a more radiant and youthful skin with fewer lines and decreased eye puffiness.

2. Eat a balanced diet: Make sure you include loads of veggies and fresh fruit in your diet as the vitamins and anti-oxidants that you get from them nourish your hair and skin. Healthy skin and healthy hair will always make you look more youthful.  Eating healthy will also help you maintain a healthy weight.

3. Drink water: To get rid of toxins, your body needs a lot of water everyday.  Drinking a lot of water also keeps your skin hydrated and looking younger.

4. Protect your skin from the sun: Make sure you wear sun screen as excessive exposure to the sun not only has damaging effects such as skin cancer, but it also dries your skin giving it a bad appearance.  Also, make sure you wear a hat to protect the skin on your face and avoid the appearance of those nasty lines around the eyes.

5. Work out: We just can’t say it enough: exercise energizes you, increases bone density and muscle tone making you look trim, fit and younger!

6. Reduce the bad habits: Smoking and drinking can make you look much older than you really are.  Nicotine and alcohol block the absorption of nutrients, eventually causing irreparable damage to major organs of the body; and a sick woman never looks younger than her age.

7. Adopt a positive attitude: A smile is the best accessory on a woman’s face to make her look youthful.  Women who frown a lot see their faces filling up with wrinkles from an early age. 




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