beauty and the over 40

A woman who is beautiful in her 20s and 30s will certainly continue to be beautiful when she is over 40. Handsome features can be enhanced with age, but certain beauty tricks help us make sure that we keep looking great and not fake.

Keep on reading our interesting articles on make-up, skincare, plastic surgery, and visit our reviews section, where we have tested many beauty products suitable for women in their forties.


The make-up approach 

First make sure you are using the right foundation.  It needs to be flexible enough not to make you facial lines show more.  Get rid of powders which only emphasize expression lines making them look deeper!

Opt for warm and rich eye shadows in tones of bronze, gold and chestnut.  You don’t want to look washed out, so in the evenings you can try a 'khol effect' by smudging your eye pencil very close to your eye lashes.  And please, trim those eyebrows!

A good mascara does wonders, so apply it generously and for lipstick try to go for lighter shades during daytime and be bolder only in the evenings.  Remember that lip gloss gives an extra freshness to makeup; and blush, well applied high on the cheekbones brings out your best face features.

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Skincare and the over 40

Your skin gets drier with age, so make sure you moisturize your body with a good product and go for a suitable daytime and night time cream for your face.  If you never used a special eye cream before, this is the time to start buying one. 

Sunscreen moisturizer creams are recommended at this stage to keep the skin protected and astringent skincare products are to be avoided. 

You cannot stop the skin's aging process, but you can help keep your skin looking great with an effective everyday regimen which must include cleansing, toning, exfoliation, moisturizing and nourishing;  aside from considering plastic surgery and spending too much on botox. 

Sounds complicated, but it’s not.  Most skincare product brands sell a full range ideal for each age stage, and an experienced beauty consultant should be able to give you suggestions on which products are ideal for your skin type. 

If you have been looking well after your skin until now, all you need to do is update your products to the new needs of your body.  Read our beauty products' reviews section where you will find our own experiences and suggestions with beauty products for the woman in her forties.

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