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Until some years ago, women over 40 looked much older than they do now.  And it had a lot to do with pre-conceptions of what they were ‘allowed’ or not to wear.  

When you reach your 40s, fact is that your body does not look anymore like it did in your 20s or early 30s, but that does not mean that it has to look worse … it can actually look much better!   

But while you might be thinner and more toned thanks to all the dieting, yoga and jogging you've been doing in the past decade, common sense is still needed when putting together your ideal wardrobe. 

Stick to your style 

When you are a woman over 40 you already know what looks good on you and what doesn’t and you probably have a much defined style. 

If your style tends to be more casual, turning 40 is not the time to change it, but maybe to adapt it a little.  

Also, never forget that ‘casual’ is not synonym with ‘shabby’, and the last thing you want to be is a ‘scruffy mid age woman’.  So, ditch the old-fashioned ripped jeans and those tracking suit bottoms that you inherited from your husband and get yourself a pair of jeans that fit well and that bring out your best qualities.  But please forget skinny jeans, even if you have a great bum … leave those for your teenage daughter! 

Use age to your styling advantage 

Working women over 40 can look absolutely stunning.  The confidence that exudes from experience makes a deadly combo when matched with a nicely coordinated outfit.  A carefully chosen silk scarf for example, can add sophistication to a simple dress shirt and tailored pants ensemble – a simple touch that would probably look too harsh or air hostess-like on a younger woman. 

A simple designer accessory can completely transform any outfit.  While a young woman carrying a designer handbag can be thought of having stolen the piece from her mom’s wardrobe or of carrying a knockoff; a woman in her 40s holding a designer handbag or wearing designer shoes looks nothing other than classy.  

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 Highlight your assets, conceal your liabilities 

Unless you have a personal trainer and even if you are devout to cosmetic plastic surgery there are some signs of aging that can be revealing. 

Trying to completely conceal our age might not always work, but some signs of it can be carefully and selectively disguised.   

When wearing a skirt, if your legs are not tanned –naturally or else- consider wearing stockings.  Protruding veins are common in women over 40, especially when they recently had children and can make even the nicest shaped legs look ugly.  Department stores sells tights with different weights (dernier) and shades - opt for very thin ones in the warmer months. 

Same goes for make-up.  Consult a beauty expert and buy a foundation that matches your skin colour and covers well any imperfections without looking as if you applied cement.  Also ditch any bright colored eye shadows or keep them for your next 1980s-themed party.  Stick to more neutral tones and use black or brown mascara and light eye liner to enhance your eyes.  If you’ve always wanted to wear red lipstick and red nail varnish, this is probably the right age to start … but first make sure it does make you look in your 40s and not like if you just came out of the 1940’s!

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