over 40 and single

Nothing in the horizon

Life choices these days result in many single women that reach their forties and have no partner in their lives simply because they don’t want one.

Whether it’s due to a busy professional life or consciously avoiding relationships due to past disappointments, being single and over 40 gives women a wealth of opportunities to grow a deeper relationship with themselves.

Exercise, involvement in charities, and practicing meditation are just some examples of activities where many forty-somethings put their energy and which brings them a lot of self-achieved satisfaction.

Women in their forties are also at their creative peak, so it is not uncommon when painting, writing, or other form of art, take an important role in their lives.  


Searching for love in your forties? Read how to find it!


If you are a single woman in your forties and just decided that is about time to find a partner, there are many ways to go about finding the right man. 

These are four simple tips to keep in mind when looking for love in your forties:

1. Tell all your friends that you are looking.  They might have a male friend that recently became single and it is always is much easier to start a new relationship when there is some common point of reference.

2. Take a good look at the men around you at the gym, your art lessons, or whatever you are into these days. If he shares your same interests, that's a good sign!

3. Relax! Get rid of that 'wish list for the perfect man', and if you are truly convinced that finding a man is what you want, then show it! (you can read a great article about this here).

4. Also consider using an online dating site or a dating service such as date.com , Matchmaker.com, Speed Dater or eHarmony. No, these are not only for young people. Most of these dating services target men and women of every age.  Give it a try, you will be surprised what you can find! Just be careful and don't get too carried away too soon.  While there are loads of wonderful men out there looking for a partner, there are also many creeps.  Use your common sense and enjoy it! 

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