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Whether you have been married since you were young; or in your second marriage; or looking for your other half; or happily on your own; there is no better time to make the best of your relationship situation than when you are in your forties.

In your forties and growing in love

If you have been married since your twenties, congratulations!  You have been in a relationship for around 20 years which means that you have something really special going on there. You pretty much beat all odds and have probably already survived a few challenges with your other half.

It also means that you might have older kids, about to start their own lives, and you are, hence, entering a totally new stage in your relationship.  You will start finding a lot of time you did not have before to spend with your partner, which is like rewinding your life two decades!

This new time together can be destabilizing in a relationship, believe it or not.  So this is the time to apply all your forty-something wisdom to reinvent your marriage and get ready for at least 20 more years happily together.

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In new love

Many women choose to marry or get into a relationship in their forties simply because they never had time for serious love before being busy with their careers.  Others start new relationships at this stage after the first one did not work out and ended up in divorce.

Whatever the case, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that the myth that being in your 40s is too late to get married is totally false.  Marriages of women in their forties have been on the rise for many years now, and furthermore, the later a woman gets hooked, the better the chances are that the relationship will last.

Women age 40 and more know what they want in a relationship, and are not afraid or embarrassed to ask for it.  They know their strengths and have learned to identify their weaknesses, which takes any new relationship to new levels.

Having said this, adapting to life with a new partner at this stage can be a bit of a challenge for exactly the same reasons.  Success depends on knowing how to balance your already well-defined personality and your willingness to commit and share.


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