how to be a 40-something super mom

Nobody knows your kids better than you and you should trust your instinct on the best way to bring them up; but having said this you might find these five tips helpful to make your relationship with your offspring fulfilling, happy and successful:


Five tips to have a great relationship with your kids:

1. Talk to your kids and listen to them no matter how young they are. A successful parent-child relationship will always be based on a two-way communication. Ask for their opinion and encourage them to participate in family discussions. Help them grow up knowing that they have a voice and that what they think is important.

2. Try to spend time with each one of your children on his own, without the rest of the family. This way you can build a unique relationship with each kid and a stronger bond will be formed from that special time together. You willbe surprised how much you will learn from his/her character and personality this way.

3. Make sure your kids know that you trust them. If you want your kids to grow up having a confident personality and to believe in their capabilities, then you have to start by showing that they are trusted at home.

4. Have at least one meal a day where the entire family is together. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the moment of the day when the clan has the opportunity to spend some quality time with each other and share their daily experiences.

5. Do no worry about being the perfect mom or raising perfect children. It is really more important to be a good role model. If you are loving, forgiving, generous and thoughtful, then you are already doing a great job. Do your best, but please cut yourself some slack!

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