the 40-something mom

Being a mom is a blessing at any age.  But when you are a 40-something mom, you have a great combination of maturity and energy that makes you enjoy the role of motherhood probably more than at any other age. 

Bringing up your kids in your forties

Children are one of the major sources of happiness for any woman, but they also change life as we knew it before we had them. 

Young kids are full of energy, demands and needs that require a mom’s full attention.  They don’t come with a manual, so that extra ‘wisdom’ that we have as a forty-something mom comes very helpful when handling little ones.  Especially when you are a working mom!

Remember that time goes by really fast, and before you know, your kids will be teenagers on their way out and you will be wondering if you did enough for them and enough WITH them. 

Focus on the responsibilities of giving them a good education and upbringing, but also play with them, give yourself sometime to have fun with them.

Don't be afraid of taking a holiday together with them just because they are little.  Don't hesitate to give them the opportunity to learn a new language or an instrument when they ask for it.  Kids are like sponges, they learn faster than any adult, and whatever they will learn with joy now, might become a difficult chore for them in the future. 

You will have many difficult decisions to take while they are growing, but the only really easy decision is to enjoy them!

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