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Forty-something Women Now Have Their Own Website

Nicosia, 14 January 2009 – A new website created especially for women in their forties has been officially launched at The award-winning website celebrates this milestone in a woman’s life by offering a wealth of useful information and advice on the topics women are more interested in and have more questions about: fashion, beauty, motherhood, shopping, health, jobs, relationships, and more.

“We are excited to launch at a time when interest in women’s issues by the more mature woman is at its peak.  There are many websites these days offering information for women, but there is an evident need for a specialized website that can deliver a full range of valuable articles and practical tips especially written for the woman in her forties; and comes to fill this gap. Our articles cover everything from what to wear and how in your forties to how to juggle between family and work, among many other subjects,” said Blanca Garcia, Editor at

Articles are added on regular basis by a group of female writers who are all in their forties and readers are encouraged to share their views through discussion boards.

“We also have a beauty products’ reviews section and a shopping section with dozens of items that have been put together with the 40-something woman in mind and that make perfect birthday gifts,” added Garcia.

A video clip by entitled “Why you should love being a forty-something woman” is available at: is the winner of the first Best of SynthaSite Award


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