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Forty-something Irish artist shares her story

Nicosia, 30 April 2009 - A woman’s creative capacity takes a huge leap forward around the time of her fortieth birthday. One of the best examples of how a woman in her forties blooms creatively is artist Zita Mc Garry Kelly, who turned professional at the age of 40. 

"After 20 years of adult life, relationships, grief and joy, children and partners, it simply must all add up to a highly emotive and expressive individual," says Zita on whether being a forty-something woman is too late to start being creative.

Zita shares her story with us here.


New Website Speaks To Middle-Aged Hispanic Women In Their Own Language

Nicosia, 3 April 2009 - The creators of, the award-winning community website for women in their forties, have announced the launch of a Spanish language weblog for middle-aged Hispanic women.

Read the press release on the official launch of here.

The Forty-something Forum Gives Women In Their 40s A Place To Interact

Nicosia, 13 February 2009 - Following the great success of and the positive feedback from women in all corners of the globe, the first community website for women in their forties has launched its own Forum.

"The Forty-something Forum gives women their own place to interact, make new friends and share information about enjoying and reaching this important milestone.  We launched the Forum following input from our readers who were looking for an opportunity to communicate with other women their age who have their same interests and live similar experiences," said Blanca Garcia, Editor at

Join our thriving community by visiting The Forty-something Forum here. Launches Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group Nicosia, 30 January 2009 -, the community website for women in their forties, has announced the launch of the Facebook group "I Love Being In My Forties!". 

Blanca Garcia, Editor at said: "There are more than 2 million women in their 40s from the USA alone registered in Facebook.  Having our own Facebook group gives a great platform to enrich our community."

To join the Facebook group "I Love Being In My Forties" click here.

Forty-something Women Now Have Their Own Website

Nicosia, 14 January 2009 - Women in their forties finally have an online source of information especially written for them, with interesting articles and tips on the topics they want to read about.  Read the press release on the official launch of here. wins "The Best of Synthasite" Award is The Best of Synthasite Award WinnerSan Francisco, CA, 9 January 2009 - won "The Best of Synthasite" Award in the Personal category from more than 1,000 entries from around the world.  There were twocategories in the competition - Business and Personal - and the top fivefinalists in each category were selected by a panel of expert judgeswho evaluated each site for focused purpose, visual appeal andinnovative use of widgets. The winners in each category were voted onand selected by the SynthaSite Community.  Read more here.

Other news: from Femail @ The Daily Mail

Read the latest news from one of the favourites online sources of information for women in the UK: Femail from The Mail Online.

Stay informed on how women are making the headlines these days and read interesting articles by a team of very talented authors.




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