going back to work in your forties


Your kids are all grown up and left to start their lives on their own.  You spent your life looking after them and all this new free time is driving you crazy.  You are in your forties and have started considering going back to work.

Is it easy?

If you have not worked for the past 20 years, your skills, whatever these are, are bound to be a bit rusty, so doing a course to refresh them might be a good idea.  Think of an online course that might be quicker and also less expensive.

Tell all your friends and people you know that you are looking for work.  It will be easier to join a familiar environment than throwing yourself into a totally new place.

When you go for interviews make sure your prospect employer knows your salary expectations.  Older job prospects are usually wrongly tagged as 'more expensive' because it’s assumed that they have many years of experience on the work force.

You might not have much experience in the work place, but certainly have other experiences and assets that you should emphasize.  Think of your organizational skills, punctuality, hard work, fast and eager desire to learn!


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