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This website is for women who just turned forty or who are already in their forties.  Our goal is to offer you a wealth of information about being in your forties with interesting articles and useful tips on the topics you like and you have more questions about: fashion, beauty, motherhood, shopping, health, jobs, relationships and reviews on products you might be interested in.

And we know something about the topic because we are forty-something women ourselves!

If you are about to turn forty or already a 40 something, these are some good reasons why you should love being in your forties:

  • Life begins at 40.

  • Forty is fabulous.

  • You are experienced enough to know your job well and young enough to work with energy and passion.

  • You know what you like - and not - in a relationship and are not afraid or embarrassed to ask for it.

  • You are not really interested in making new friends, but in spending quality time with the existing good ones.

  • You know how to follow fashion and which clothes suit you best.

  • You know your body pretty well by now and can quite easily tell when something is not right.

  • You are the same age as Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, Beyonce, and many other hot celebrities in their forties.

  • If you had children in your 20s, then they are all grown up and you finally have free time for yourself.

  • If you have young kids, you have enough energy to have fun with them.

  • If you want to have children, it’s not that late to get pregnant.

  • If you married young, you should be proud of keeping your marriage alive for 20+ years.

  • If you married recently, you have more chances of your marriage being a success.

  • Unmarried women in their forties enjoy being alone more than younger single women.

  • 40 something women are more confident.

  • Forty-somethings are taken more seriously.

  • Women reach their sexual peak in their 40s.

  • Women reach their peak income when they are over forty.

  • woman’s creativity is enhanced in her forties.

  • Forty is the new thirty.

Fashion for women over 40

Fashion for

women over 40

Until some years ago, women over 40 looked much older than they do now.  And this had a lot to do with preconceptions of what they were ‘allowed’ or not to wear.  

Love in your 40s

Love in your 40s

Whether you have been married since you were young; or in your second marriage; or looking for your other half, or happily on your own; there is no better time to make the best of your relationship situation than when you are in your forties.


Beauty and

the over 40

A woman who is beautiful in her 20s and 30s will certainly continue to be beautiful when she is over 40. Handsome features can be enhanced with age, but certain beauty tricks help us make sure that we keep looking great and not fake.

Image by Austin Wilcox

The forty-something mom

Being a mom is a blessing at any age.  But when you are a 40-something mom, you have a great combination of maturity and energy that makes you enjoy the role of motherhood probably more than at any other age. 

The 40 year-old

at work

Career woman? Working mom? Going back to work? Thinking of opening a new business? These are all possible scenarios for a woman in her 40s.

Your health

after 40

You feel younger and you look younger than most women your age, but you cannot lie to your body. It has been with you for a while and you have to take good care of it.


The Forty-Something Shop

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