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DIET tips for FORTY-something WOMEN

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Diet tips for forty-something women

Losing weight, at any age, is not always easy. Especially in your forties, it needs dedication, motivation, and hard work. But, if you follow these tips you will surely improve your possibilities of success!

  • Forget red meat: cutting out red meat from your diet can help you make healthier meal choices.  Build your meals around fish and poultry (or vegan options.)  And be careful of high-calorie condiments like mayonnaise or cream-based sauces.  

  • Eliminate fried foods: keep your healthy choices healthy by grilling, baking, roasting, boiling or air frying your food. Use only fat-free condiments. A tangy barbecue sauce can give the boiled chicken a kick and lemon-herb dressing complements broiled fish greatly. Please forget fast foods, they may seem like an easy option, but they are packed up with calories!  If you absolutely have to eat at a fast-food place (with your kids, for example) you can always order a salad.

  • Start your meals with a soup or salad: these curb your hunger and prevent your over-eating! Go for a broth or a tomato-based soup like minestrone rather than a creamy or milk-based alternative - and remember to top up your salad with a low-fat dressing or balsamic vinegar.

  • Snack on fruit: fancy something sweet? naturally-sweet fruit can satisfy that need without giving you extra calories!

And last but not least don't forget that the best way to succeed when following any diet is to combine healthy eating with exercise.

Focus on these simple tips and you may find that losing those extra kilos and getting back into those jeans you love is much easier than you ever thought possible!


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