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Healthy hair in your 40s

Follow these eight hair tips and ensure that your forty-something hair will stay healthy.

1. Unless your hair is extremely oily, there is no real need to wash is every day.  Allow your hair’s natural oils to penetrate individual strands of hair by washing it every other day.

2. Make sure your hair is tangle-free before you wash it. Invest in a natural bristled hairbrush and start brushing from the scalp and working all the way to the ends. This way, you help distribute your hair’s natural oils, preventing ugly split ends.

3. Buy a quality shampoo with a neutral PH balance and when you wash it work the shampoo into the scalp using your fingertips rather than your nails. Using your fingernails can cause damage to your scalp that may result in dandruff.  The right scalp massage will increase blood flow, which helps your hair re-grow and look healthy.

4. After the shampoo, use a quality conditioner. This is important to prevent tangles, which lead to split ends, and also to protect and nourish your forty-something hair. To rinse off the conditioner use cool water and you will notice less breakage and shinier hair.

5. Your hair should be towel-dried gently while avoiding rubbing briskly with the towel. Use a wide comb to slowly comb your hair and work any tangles first with your fingers.

6. Ideally, we should all allow our dry our hair naturally, but this is not always possible, so use the lowest heat setting on your hairdryer.  As you blow-dry your hair, keep the dryer moving to avoid burning your hair and scalp.

7. When using curling irons, hair strengtheners, or other hot styling tools, apply a silicone-based cream to your hair to guard it against the intensive heat before styling.

8. Use hair spray, gel, and other products sparingly. Build-up leaves a residue that makes hair appear dull and unhealthy-looking. The harsh chemicals used when dying or applying a perm can put added stress on your hair, so don't overdo either.

Remember that your hair is your face’s frame and if you take good care of it you will be rewarded with a vibrant, luxuriant look for many years to come.

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