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Searching for new love in your forties

If you are a single woman in your forties and just decided that it is about time you find a partner, there are many ways to go about attracting the right man. 

These are four simple tips to keep in mind when looking for love in your forties:

1. Tell all your friends that you are looking.  They might have a friend that recently became single and it is always is much easier to start a new relationship when there is some common point of reference.

2. Take a good look at the prospects around you at the gym, your art lessons, or whatever you are into these days. If they share your same interests, that's a good sign!

3. Relax! Get rid of that 'wish list for the perfect person, and if you are truly convinced that finding a partner is what you want, then show it! 

4. Also consider using an online dating site or a dating service such as eHarmony. No, these are not only for young people. Most of these dating services target men and women of every age. Give it a try, you will be surprised what you can find! Just be careful and don't get too carried away too soon.  While there are loads of wonderful people out there looking for a partner, there are also many creeps.  Use your common sense and enjoy it! 

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