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The forty-something working mom

If you are a working mother in your 40s, you are aware that your career is the medium to achieving your aspirations of making money to live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, sometimes you probably feel like you are barely able to keep your head above water - much less establish any professional goals beyond bringing home a paycheck. Complicating matters even further, working mothers at any age have hurdles to jump that their counterparts probably don't even have on their radar.


Working mothers have two jobs

These two jobs are: being a mother and being an employee. It is not easy to keep your family life from interfering with work. You may be able to leave your work at the office, but how can you leave your family at home?

Think of the times you have left the office a few hours early to take your kid to the pediatrician or to be on time for a meeting with his teacher. Have you ever felt guilty that you have to leave work right on time, even when you have completed your tasks, so your little princess is not the last one to be picked up at the nursery once again?

How many times have you felt like your commitment to your employer and your career is being questioned when you put your loved-ones interest first?

And on top of everything, your second shift starts as soon as you leave the office. The super-mom job: dinner, homework, karate, dance, piano lessons, and so on.

Then you have the challenge of weighing every decision you make.  On one side you have to put the needs of your family and on the other your career prospects: do you entertain clients after work or take your boy to his football match?  Do you take on that promotion that will make you move to the other end of the country or do you forget about it until your children are grown?

The choice is never easy and you probably keep second-guessing your decisions and live with a feeling of guilt no matter what your choice is. Working mothers are known to live guilt-ridden lives!

But let's see things for what they are: mothers work because they NEED to. Either for the income or because they need to fulfill their will to work, and/or because they want to provide a better life for their children. But if you are all stressed out, always on the run, and have absolutely no quality time to spend with your children, then it is worth making a small pause and seeing the big picture.

If you are going to work, shouldn’t it be for a career that is rewarding, both intrinsically and financially, and that also allows you to enjoy your family life?


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